Lincoln 180 Mig Welder Review: the Perfect Companion for Small Projects

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Curious to know more about the Lincoln 180 MIG Welder? You’ve come to the right place! In this in-depth Lincoln 180 MIG Welder review, we dive deep into everything you need to know about the unit, so stick around.

Nowadays, getting work done requires having the right tool for the job. Regardless of your level of competence, choosing the best product plays an essential role in how effectively you’ll carry out your projects.

When we talk about welding machines, welders often go for versatile welding tools that perform like an all-rounder while still offering multiple advantages. There are many great welding tools that you can find on the market, with the Lincoln 180 MIG Welder being one of the very best.

Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review: Does this Tool Live Up to the Hype?

​LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO K2698-1 Easy MIG 180 Wire Feed Welder

The Lincoln 180 MIG Welder is a powerful machine that can handle various welding processes, including flux-core welding, MIG welding, stick welding, gas-shielded arc welding, TIG welding, and more.

This welder is the perfect companion for small projects and can be utilized just about anywhere for light restoration. One of the most exciting specifications that make this welder stand out is its versatility.

One of this welder’s most prominent features is that it enables you to weld aluminum. However, before beginning the welding process, you need to make sure you adjust configuration settings.

For example, this unit can weld up to 3/16 inches of steel with gas shielding. On the other hand, with the flux-core wire system, you can weld up to 1/2 inch of steel.

This welder comes with a massive power capacity, more than enough to melt down all kinds of heavy metals. The ability to select the suitable welding configuration will make your work much more efficient, no matter how light or heavy the metal is.

This unit comes with all the accessories required for flux core welding. All you have to do is read and understand the user guide provided.

The Lincoln 180 MIG Welder weighs around 56 lb, which is quite heavy if you’re planning on moving a lot. It spans 14″ x 10.15″ x 18.2″, so it’s not the most compact option on the market, which may be a dealbreaker for some.

If you don’t plan on moving your welder a lot (or you’re exceptionally strong), you’ll find that this machine can weld almost anything without breaking a sweat.

Lincoln Electric, the manufacturer of the 180 MIG Welder, loves to boast about its Diamond Core Technology. This technology produces significantly better welding results by allowing higher steadiness while holding the arc. It also helps to avoid saturation and produces little spatter.

Lincoln Electric also features brass-to-brass technology to ensure that your machine produces the highest possible output. It was developed to maximize conductivity by using heavy-duty wire, which forestalls the wire from getting damaged, twisted, or shattered.

Features and Specifications

  • 30A to 180A amperage range
  • Net weight of 56 lbs
  • Cast aluminum gearbox
  • Diamond core technology
  • Brass-to-brass technology
  • Runs .035 MIG wire
  • Magnum 100L gun included
  • 10 feet power cable
  • Internal cooling fan

Should You Buy The Lincoln 180 MIG Welder?

Choosing the right welder generally depends on your criteria. What kind of welding are you planning to do? How frequently will you be using the machine? And can something like portability influence your decision?

From how we’ve reviewed the Lincoln 180 MIG Welder above, you can probably tell that we’re big fans of this machine, as it’s one of the most effective and affordable mid-range options on the market, and it can handle a wide range of welding processes.


  • Can weld aluminum
  • Highly durable construction
  • Has an ergonomic design that can be operated at home
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • All essential accessories for flux-core welding are provided


  • Can be challenging to move around due to its size and heavyweight
  • Doesn’t include a gas tank setup, so you may have to buy it separately

Review Summary

Considering its sheer power and fairly easy-to-use setup, it’s hard not to view this unit as the perfect choice for novice welders looking to start learning the tricks of the trade and get some practical experience down.

Again, the only problem we see you having with the Lincoln 180 MIG Welder is if you move a lot. Portability is a big concern for serious welders. Most freelance welders prefer investing in a lightweight welder instead.

The Alternative

Every product in the market faces tough competition, no matter the industry. Therefore, a product must have its own unique features to stand out from the crowd.

The Lincoln 180 MIG Welder does offer powerful features at an affordable price. However, it still faces tough competition from the Forney 291 Easy Weld 180 ST 120V/230V, a welder that takes Lincoln’s single drawback and turns it into an advantage.

The first and foremost feature that distinguishes the Forney 291180 ST is its weight, measuring only 14 lbs. Unlike the Lincoln, this unit can be carried around with minimal effort. It’s around the same weight as a vacuum cleaner.

Forney 291 Easy Weld 180 ST 120V/230V Welder

To top it off, this welder is also much cheaper than the Lincoln 180 MIG Welder. If you’re on a tight budget and not looking to shell out hundreds of dollars on a new welder, this machine will do it for you.

Durability is also very respectable for this product. It’s built with a fortified metal case that significantly enhances its sturdiness for an extended period of time. We think this welder would last longer than the Lincoln 180 MIG.

Finally, it has a built-in air cooling system that maintains and controls the machine’s temperature for higher efficiency.

Regardless of what you choose, you can’t go wrong with either the Lincoln or the Forney. Just make sure you pick the one that tailors to your needs, and you should be all set!

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