The Ultimate Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Everything in Between in our TOOLIOM 135A Review

TOOLIOM 135A seen up close.

The Tooliom 135a is a noteworthy entrant in welding machines, drawing attention from professionals and hobbyists alike. This review assesses its features, performance, and overall value comprehensively. Whether you’re a seasoned welder or a beginner, understanding the capabilities of the Tooliom 135a is crucial for making an informed decision.


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I. Introduction

A. Overview of the TOOLIOM 135A

Emerging as a multifunctional solution for welding enthusiasts, the TOOLIOM 135A stands out in its capability to perform stick welding, MIG welding, and lift TIG welding tasks. Designed for a range of users, from the dedicated hobbyist to the seasoned professional, this lightweight and easily transportable machine is a testament to convenience and functionality. A user-centric digital display aids in precise parameter settings, ensuring accurate welds. Additionally, the machine prioritizes safety and longevity with an integrated fan that maintains a cool operating temperature. As a testament to its comprehensive design, it comes complete with a series of essential accessories: a stick welding cable holder, a MIG welding gun, and a lift TIG welding torch, ensuring users have everything they need right out of the box.

B. Importance of welding tools in modern projects

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, welding is a pillar of many foundational processes. From grand architectural marvels like bridges and towering skyscrapers to the intricate details of machinery and consumer products, welding plays an indispensable role.

In the construction arena, the importance of welding is palpable in the skyline filled with magnificent structures, each relying on welded joints for strength and stability. Similarly, the manufacturing sector leans heavily on welding to assemble advanced machinery, vehicles, or everyday appliances and furniture. Remember the automotive repair industry, where welding breathes new life into damaged vehicles, restoring them to their former glory?

In essence, welders don’t just fuse metals; they shape the modern world. Their skill, facilitated by advanced tools like the TOOLIOM 135A, ensures the strength and durability of the structures and machines we often take for granted.

II. Features and Specifications

A. Versatility in welding techniques

Engineered to adapt to varying requirements, the TOOLIOM 135A seamlessly shifts between stick welding, MIG welding, and lift TIG welding. This adaptability makes it apt for various tasks, from casual hobbyist endeavors to intensive professional undertakings.

B. Portability and design

The TOOLIOM 135A stands out with its ergonomic design. Weighing a mere 25 pounds equipped with an integrated handle, it promises hassle-free mobility, ideal for shifting across workspaces. Its compact blueprint ensures it only consumes a little storage space, proving to be a boon for confined areas.

C. Digital display and user interface

Equipped with a clear digital display, the TOOLIOM 135A ensures users can effortlessly set and observe welding metrics. Complemented by a straightforward user interface, it caters to both novices and veterans, simplifying the welding process.

D. Inbuilt cooling mechanisms

Performance stability is guaranteed with the TOOLIOM 135A’s intrinsic fan, designed to counteract overheating. This cooling feature augments the machine’s lifespan and ensures optimal functioning of its core components.

III. Accessories and Add-ons

A. Stick welding cable holder

A notable accessory accompanying the TOOLIOM 135A is the stick welding cable holder, facilitating a secure connection to the stick welding electrode.

B. MIG welding gun

Included in its arsenal is a MIG welding gun, pivotal for MIG welding. This arc welding method employs a continuously supplied wire electrode, ensuring consistent welds.

C. Lift TIG welding torch

The package further enriches its value with a lift TIG welding torch. Integral for lift TIG welding is a variant of gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) relying on a steadfast tungsten electrode.

IV. Performance Analysis

A. Ease of use for beginners and professionals

Designed with users in mind, the TOOLIOM 135A prioritizes ease of operation. Its digital interface, combined with the assortment of accessories, ensures a straightforward initiation into welding, catering to both novices and seasoned professionals.

B. Welding quality and precision

Delivering top-notch results, the TOOLIOM 135A consistently yields premium welds. Its prowess extends to executing precision welding, even on the most delicate metals.

C. Cooling efficiency during prolonged use

Consistent performance is assured with the TOOLIOM 135A’s internal fan, ensuring the device remains cool during extended sessions. Such proactive cooling negates potential overheating, safeguarding internal components and maintaining weld integrity.

V. Comparison with Market Alternatives

A. Price point evaluation

The TOOLIOM 135A marks its territory as a budget-friendly choice in the welding landscape, holding its ground against competitors in its segment.

B. Feature comparison with rival products

In terms of capabilities, the TOOLIOM 135A runs parallel to its peers. Boasting many welding techniques, its user-friendly design, digital interface, and cooling systems, it establishes itself as a formidable contender.

C. User feedback and market reception

Feedback paints a promising picture for the TOOLIOM 135A. It’s lauded for its multipurpose nature, user-friendliness, and value for money, carving a positive niche in the market.

VI. Safety and Maintenance

A. Precautions during operation

Safety is paramount when handling welding equipment. Essential protective measures encompass using requisite safety attire, such as welding helmets, gloves, and protective sleeves. A heightened awareness of potential fire hazards and proactive preventive measures are equally vital.

B. Long-term maintenance tips

Regular upkeep is necessary to ensure the TOOLIOM 135A remains in peak condition. Post-use cleaning, periodic welding cables, and add-on checks can prolong the machine’s operational life. Adequate storage, preferably in dry conditions, further contributes to its longevity.

C. Warranty and customer service details

Backing its quality, the TOOLIOM 135A comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty. In the event of unforeseen issues within this period, TOOLIOM’s dedicated customer service team stands ready to assist and guide.


Q: Is Tooliom a good brand?
A: Tooliom is recognized for producing reliable welding machines catering to hobbyists and professionals. Their offerings, including the TOOLIOM 135A, often garner positive reviews for their performance, versatility, and value for money.

Q: Which brand of welding machine is best?
A: The “best” brand can be subjective and depends on individual needs, budget, and preferences. Tooliom is one of the reputable brands in the market, but other established brands like Lincoln Electric, Miller, and Hobart are also highly regarded.

Q: Who makes good TIG welders?
A: Several brands manufacture high-quality TIG welders. Tooliom, Miller, Lincoln Electric, and ESAB are some of the top brands that produce reliable TIG welding machines.

Q: What is the highest quality welding?
A: “Highest quality welding” refers to a weld that meets or exceeds the specifications and standards set for a particular application. It’s a weld with no defects, provides strong joints, and stands up to its intended use. The welding quality largely depends on the welder’s skill, equipment, and materials being joined.

Q: Does the TOOLIOM 135A support both 110V and 220V inputs?
A: The TOOLIOM 135A is designed to be versatile, but it’s essential to refer to the user manual or product specifications to confirm its voltage capabilities, as models might vary.

Q: Is the TOOLIOM 135A suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely! The TOOLIOM 135A, with its intuitive user interface and digital display, is user-friendly and great for both novices learning the ropes and seasoned welders.

Q: How often should I service my TOOLIOM 135A welding machine?
A: Regular maintenance ensures longevity. While there isn’t a strict servicing schedule, cleaning the machine post-use and periodically checking cables and accessories for wear and tear is recommended. It’s best to consult the user manual or Tooliom’s customer service for more detailed service intervals.

VII. Conclusion

A. Recap of the TOOLIOM 135A’s strengths

The TOOLIOM 135A is a versatile machine proficient in stick welding, MIG welding, and lift TIG welding. Its lightweight design and digital display enhance its usability, making it suitable for both novices and experts. The built-in fan and assorted accessories further complement its features, emphasizing its value in various welding scenarios.

B. Potential areas of improvement

While the TOOLIOM 135A is undoubtedly efficient, potential upgrades could include a more extended warranty period or advanced welding settings for highly specialized projects. Expanding its voltage adaptability could also cater to a wider range of global users.

C. Final thoughts and purchasing recommendations.

The TOOLIOM 135A is a commendable piece of equipment that offers functionality and affordability. For those seeking a reliable welding machine suitable for various tasks, it’s a worthy investment. However, as with any purchase, potential buyers should weigh their needs against the offered features.

VIII. Suggested Readings

If you’re keen to deepen your understanding of welding further or explore related subjects, consider the following books:

  • “Welding For Dummies” by Steven Robert Farnsworth – An ideal starter guide for anyone new to welding, offering foundational knowledge in an accessible manner.
  • “Metallurgy Fundamentals” by Daniel A. Brandt and J.C. Warner – This book provides insights into the science of metals, essential for understanding how welding affects materials at the microscopic level.
  • “The Welding Business Owner’s Handbook” by David Zielinski – This book offers practical advice and insights for those considering turning their welding skills into a business.
  • “Modern Welding” by Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist, and William A. Bowditch – A comprehensive guide covering all aspects of welding, from techniques to safety practices.
  • “The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding” by Lincoln Electric – A classic in the welding world, this handbook provides detailed processes and applications of arc welding.

Diving into these reads will boost your theoretical knowledge and enhance your practical skills, ensuring you’re well-equipped in the world of welding.

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