Hobart 210 MVP Review: Unique Built-In Technology, At Affordable Price

hobart 210 mvp review

Welding can be a laborious process. Many beginners, even professional welders, hardly have a smooth action with their welding machine. The unstoppable noise and unexpected sparks are something that we want to avoid while handling a welding machine.

Now we have got a solution for all the problems mentioned above. So, without further delay, let’s dive into our Hobart 210 MPV review and look at what the device has got for us.

Hobart 210 MVP Review & Buying Guide

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Welder is the pride of the entire brand built with exceptional quality with unlimited features. The lightweight and portable device claim to ease the welding task like none other welding machines at a minimal energy use resulting in effectiveness and efficiency.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP is a super functional welder machine with an integrated spool gun circuitry that allows a secure connection to the Spool Runner 100 MIG gun without needing an adapter or additional control box. It effectively protects the power transformer via automatic resetting of thermal overload feature resulting in increased reliability during usage.


Regarding features, Hobart Handler 210 MVP permits flexible dual voltage input of 115V and 230V without the need for third-party tools to assist in connection. It is designed to be portable yet supply a maximum power of 210A to facilitate cut through 3/8 inch mild steel in a single pass. Seven different voltage settings allow precise welding and fine-tuning of the output parameter, resulting in spatter-free welding and improved arc performance. It also increases the bead appearance associated with minimal after-task clean-up.

The all-new drive system, which involves industrial cast aluminum, enhances the durability of the wire feed performance like any other. Plus, the user doesn’t have to worry much about the assembly of the device since the quick drive roll system, which involves three different grooves, one for flux-cored wire and the other two to fit two separate-sized solid wires, will assist in hassle-free quick setup.

On top of that, Hobart has never failed to be concerned about user safety. Hence, they have induced several safety features within the Handler 210 MVP welder, ensuring safe arc performance. A few safety features to denote is the Hobart short circuit protection feature which avoids sudden short circuits by protecting the unit against excess power. The built-in-contactor acts as an excellent safety measure by protecting the wire from electric heat until the trigger is pulled.


The CSA-certified Hobart Handler 210 MVP operates with the assistance of flux-cored (FCAW), and MIG (GMAW) processes with six different input voltage range from 110V to 240V. The unit uses direct current (DC) to perform welding actions and 40 to 770 IPM of wire feed speed.

Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are among the materials that can be pierced through by Handler 210 MVP. It can cut through 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick mild steel without hesitations in a single pass. The 79 pounds welder inches about 12.3 in height and 10.6 in width and thus requires limited storage space.

Besides, Hobart’s 36 months warranty allows the user to return the device for service and maintenance any time within the first three years of purchase.


  • Lightweight and Portable. The 79-pound welding unit is easy to carry around the house due to its feather-light design, which gives it five-star portability. On top of that, purchasing additional accessories such as Hobart small running gear like a mini cart with wheels used to position the device will improve the portability to the next level.
  • Durability. New Cast aluminum drive system facilitates robust wire feed performance in no time. The Hobart 210 Welder is made of high-quality, sturdy steel, which makes it withstand efficient performance that will last for years.
  • Versatile connection. Multiple ranges of power input allow the unit to perform a flexible linking with power receptacles without external tools. Moreover, it runs power of 210 A, enabling it to cut through a thickness of 1/4 to 3/8 inch steel material without hassle.
  • Affordable price. Hobart Handler 210 is well priced to commit to its unique built-in technology, and high-end features yet does not require the customers to empty their bank account. It retails at a reasonable price compared to other brand welding machines.
  • Easy to set up. The unit is accompanied by a full set of detailed user manuals and setup instructions that facilitate fast and easy installation. The quick drive rolls also play a prominent part in making the assembly even quicker.
  • Highly safe and secure to use. Nothing can beat the Hobart Handler 210 MVP in offering a more reliable welding performance associated with its coolest safety features, including infinite wire feed speed control, which reduces spatter production; auto reset thermal overload, integrated spool gun, and short circuit protection, and built-in contactor features.


  • No TIG function
  • It is not ideal for heavy-duty work

For Who Is It / Who Should Buy It

Hobart Handler 210 Model is ideal for beginners and professionals: for common home uses or to be used at the business province.

Automotive repairs, gate fixes, and other home renovation projects, metal cutting, DIY arts, and craft welding are a few tasks that Handler 210 unit can actively support.

Due to its portability, it is easier to carry around the porch, garage, and backyard with less hustle. On the downside, the 210 model is not suitable for industrial use.

Dealing with heavy metals may not be the right job for the Hobart Handler 210 since it is designed to support simple and lighter operations tasks requiring minimal current.

Welding Machines Top Brands: Hobart Welding History

HobartWelders has evolved into a bigger empire since 1917 by continually testing, designing, and manufacturing high-quality welding machines, accessories, and safety supplies to fulfill the needs in multiple industries like automotive, farming, heavy industry, or even for minimal home functions.

They provide an exceptional product listing, including auto-darkening helmets with art graphics, high-end safety tools, external hardware to facilitate beginner-friendly as well as professional welding tasks.

On top of that, Hobart’s 24/7 customer support will enable you to experience the easy reach and information gained from the manufacturer.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A MIG Welding Machine

  • Brand. Whatever your plan was, the brand is the most vital thing you need to consider before looking for a welding machine. A good brand with countless loyal customers has nothing but the excellent quality of product and service t offer, and Hobart is one among them.
  • Input Voltage. This factor solely depends on the type of use. If it’s for lighter operations like home renovations or vehicle repair, a low voltage ranging from 100V to 250V will probably be good enough to perform great functions. Otherwise, you might need to opt for larger units with higher input voltages for heavy industrial works since home power cannot provide such a massive current supply.
  • Weld Thickness. This, too, depends on the purpose of use. But commonly, any unit that can weld through a thickness of above 1/4 inch mild steel and other metals like aluminum is great to start with.
  • Intended Use. As stressed in previous factors, considering intended use is vital before choosing a welder. A small, portable, and beginner-friendly welding machine for home use, light fabrication, or automobile repair will be perfect for facilitating at-home D-I-Y welding projects.
  • Duty Cycle. Always ensure to learn the welder’s duty cycle you have planned to purchase. It is crucial since the duty cycle decides the number of minutes the welder can safely produce the required welding current. For instance, a welder that produces 150 amperage current with a 30% duty cycle must rest for a continuous 7 minutes before the next use.
  • Thermal Overload Protection. This is an important feature that needs to be counted in while purchasing a welder. It protects the power transformer from producing excessive heat, thus making the unit reliable to use.
  • Portability. Last but not least, portability is one of the significant factors that need to be considered so that the easy-to-carry welding machine supports a smooth and convenient welding performance.

MIG Welder Guns

Hobart 245926 Replacement Gun for Handler 210 MVP​

Low amperage MIG guns

Low amperage MIG guns are often regarded as easy to use since they are lightweight, less expensive, and provide low amperage capacity, which is adequate to facilitate home operations and light fabrications.

High amperage MIG guns

MIG guns with high amperage capacity often cost more, and they are heavier than usual ones resulting in limited portability and flexibility. It is inconvenient and less comfortable for precise maneuvering with a better bead appearance.

Air-cooled MIG guns

Air-cooled MIG guns rely on surrounding air and shielding gas to expel the heat produced along the welding circuit. It is highly efficient to keep the MIG gun handle and consumable cooler. On the downside, the longer the welding process, the heavier the MIG gun becomes, interrupting the welding action.

Water-cooled MIG guns

In contrast, water-cooled MIG guns pump a cooling solution into the radiator unit that is integrated near the power source via cooling hoses directly inside the power cable and handle consumables and neck. It keeps the gun cool and keeps the thermal production at bay over frequent use.

What Do Online Reviews Of Hobart Handler 210 Say?

The customers of Hobart are overwhelmed with the use of Handler 210 MVP, and they shout hands down to the model.

Here is what some of the customers have to say about the unit.

“Being in the professional welding industry for 15 years, I have never come across with such high quality and convenient welding machine in my life. It is lightweight, easy to carry around, and has better performance than Miller welders. Definitely worth the money.” – Eric.

“I am in love with this model. It’s super convenient and has tons of safety features resulting in more reliable and fearless use. The auto-thermal protection and overload current protection features are wow. I have been using them for quite some time now and have faced zero issues so far. Glad that Hobart has launched a welder of my choice that is durable and long-lasting.” – James.

“Pretty much shocked to see that the unit doesn’t get heated as quick as other welders even after continuous use for hours. Portable, easy to handle, and effortless setup is what I love about Hobart Handler 210 MVP. “- Charles.

How To Build Your Welding Cart

If you are budget-conscious and wouldn’t want to spend a penny on the handler gear, then it’s time to get into work and make your welding cart for improved portability following these easy steps.

First and foremost, choose the right metal your welding cart will be made of. Sturdy steel will be the right choice. Next, do some measurements to decide on the height and width of your cart and mark the cuts.

Always make your welding cart slightly bigger than the size of your welding machine. After that, the process continues to cut the measured dimensions, clean up the cuts, layout and fine-tuning before assembling the pieces.

Form horizontal and vertical frames and tack them into place by welding them together. The final touch includes attaching the axle, wheels, and handles with the structure to maneuver the cart.

Show some creativity on your DIY welding cart by giving it some color and design. That’s it; your self-made welding cart is ready to be loaded up.

simple welding cart

Instructions: Simple Welding Cart


What’s included in the box? 

Alongside the welder itself, users are provided with a detailed user manual, 10 feet H100S4-10 gun, work cable with clamp dual-gauge regulator with gas hose, Spool hub, flux-cored wire, Quick Select Drive rolls, welding guide, power cord, and contact tips.

What is the maximum thickness of steel that Hobart 210 can weld? 

Hobart 210 can cut through 1/4 to 3/8 inch metals, including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, in a single pass.

Is this welding unit a good choice for a novice? 

The unit is induced with multiple safety features which promote safe welding and thus making it ideal for novice welders. The packaging comes with a step-by-step welding guide, making it easier for beginners to kickstart.

Is this unit suitable for welding aluminum using 110V?

Yes and no. By powering the unit with 110v, you can weld aluminum as long you are working with thin sheets. The Hobart 210 can provide up to 230V input voltage to facilitate the precise and crucial cutting of metals such as aluminum.

Is the 3-year factory warranty valid even if I buy it through Amazon?

Yes. Hobart prioritizes customer satisfaction over anything. So, every Hobart product will be delivered with 1 to 5 years of warranty that varies depending on the product. So, you can always get back to us in terms of service or maintenance.

Review Summary

To summarize the review, I would like to highlight the beneficiary functions and advanced features of the Hobart Handler 210 MVP model:

With its ever-present concern for safety features, high-quality design that is portable, durable, and comfortable to handle, Hobart Handler 210 MVP model is highly recommended for lighter fabrications, home improvements, and vehicle repair. It provides the user with the most convenient and hassle-free welding experience like no other. Hands down for Hobart’s Handler 210 MVP Welder for its cool features and standard functions at an affordable price.

The Alternative

Still not convinced? Then there are a few other options you might want to look at, such as Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 Mp Welder. It is considered the best alternative for Hobart Handler 210 MVP since they share hundreds of similarities in terms of function and features. Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 is also a lightweight welding machine that is easy to set up with five-star built-in quality and portability.

The Lincoln 210 MP Review is available on this page.

The 40-pound welding machine has a dual-voltage supply of 120V and 230V, and it allows the user to connect anyone among the two inputs. Besides, the color display and push-and-turn controllers make the device easy to assemble and ready to use in a snap.

Like Hobart’s, Lincoln can weld through 1/4 to 3/8 inch thickness of metal such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel in one attempt. So, it sums up to stand out as an affordable alternative for Hobart Handler 210 MVP.

In conclusion, welding can never be a hard process with Hobart Handler 210 MVP. Grab it today and make your welding projects stand out with fine-tuned and precise cutting.

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