Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review: Simple User Interface, Top Performance

lincoln square wave 200 review

This unit is one of the best welders available in the market today that provides TIG and stick welding options. Let’s have a closer look at this machine in our full Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review.

TIG Welder Machines: Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review and Buying Guide

This product comes with all the features you may need to begin your welding, leading to reliable performance. The functionality of this machine is such that even a beginner can quickly learn the welding process and expand his or her expertise.
Its portability feature allows the small fabricators and artisans to unleash their creativity at whatever skill level they are at.

1. Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 K5126-1

The new Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine from Lincoln Electric is one of the most wanted TIG welders available in the market. The device provides smooth and stable welding on various materials such as aluminum, steel, and chrome-moly with high precision and bead appearance.



The welder has an AC power option for aluminum welding and a DC power option that is suitable for materials such as steel, stainless steel, and chrome-moly.

  • Dual Power

It is a dual voltage welder that gives you a choice to use the 120V standard household outlet or 230V when you need more power. The two power cords for each voltage ensure quick and easy switching.

  • Simple User Interface

Most welding machines come with complicated controls, which confuse the user with the setup. But this is not so with Lincoln Square Wave 200 welder, as even a beginner can figure out the features within a few seconds. It has basic controls such as an on/off switch, a button for adjusting pulse and AC frequency, and AC balance. There is also a big knob to adjust from the button mentioned above. Another switch is also present for choosing the welding process (DC/AC TIG and Stick).

  • AC Frequency

The welder offers an AC frequency range of 60 to 150 Hz. The lower number produces a wider beam, while the higher frequency is to get a narrow and focused ray.

  • High-Frequency Start

The arc starts from a no-contact method where the torch does not touch the workpiece, which aids in reducing contamination.

  • Pulse Mode

This mode allows for a pulsed current rather than a constant output which aids in better and faster welding. Moreover, higher AC frequency ensures better control when thinner materials are welded.

  • Inverted Based Design

This technology helps store the power of up to 200A in a lightweight 46 lb unit.

lincoln square wave 200 features

TIG 200 Square Wave Owner’s Manuals


  • Input power: 120V / 230V
  • AC frequency: 60 to 150 Hz
  • Weight: 46 lb (21kg)
  • Dimensions: 14.09 x 11.10 x 19.76 inches
  • Pulse: 0.1 – 20 pulses per second
  • AC Balance: 60-90% Electrode Negative


  • Portability

It has a high portability feature as the weight is just 46 lb. The need is just to arrange for an outlet to start welding. It is also suitable for small spaces.

  • Ability to work on multiple projects

You can use a TIG weld when a point and precise bead appearance is needed. It can also work on materials thicker than aluminum. Stick welding is also present which offers more versatility.

  • Additional accessories

These are in the form of a Torch Ready-Pak, ground clamp, input cords of 120V and 230V, Gas Regulator, and Stick Electrode Holder (200 A).


  • Ground clamp is short

The height of the ground clamp is suitable for small projects, but in the case of bigger projects, there is a need to purchase another clamp.

  • No alteration of time on pulse and amperage

This machine has the feature of customizing pulses per second, but the time on pulse and background amperage cannot be changed.

  • Cost

The welder is a little pricey, but it is a value for money product.

Video: Unboxing a Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200

For Who Is It

This welder has an easy setup procedure that ensures that operators of all skill levels can use it.

Whether you are a beginner in the welding profession or a hobbyist, this machine will not disappoint you. It is also suitable for fabricators and artisans who want to unleash their creativity.

Even professionals can use it comfortably. The welder has a variety of applications, although it is more suitable for welding jobs at homes, in professional welding workshops, and for light industrial use.

​Welding Machines Top Brands: Lincoln Electric History

Ohio-based Lincoln Electric has 120 years of excellence in manufacturing welding products, robotic welding systems, arc welding equipment, and oxyfuel and plasma cutting tools. It also holds a leading position in brazing and soldering alloys all over the world.

The company’s passion for applying advanced technologies in its everyday work has provided a complete solution to the consumers. That’s why it is a market leader in welding and cutting products with manufacturing units in 60 locations and distribution and sales offices in more than 160 nations.

Ideal Settings for TIG Welding Aluminum

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 has a setting that makes it possible to switch from AC to DC power mode, allowing for welding aluminum. As in the case of thinner metals, the welder will start at high frequency. The arc can further be adjusted for wide or tight configuration, which depends on the size and position of the weld.

When used for aluminum-based projects, this welder will ensure clean and strong welds. This is possible as the machine provides a wide range of settings and cleaning options. Moreover, the pulse rate of 0.5-2.0 pulses per second ensures minimal distortion of materials, thereby giving more control on the quantity of material added to the weld.

Overall Customers Reviews: What Do Online Reviews Of Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 Say?

The Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 welder is a complete package that allows users to work on stainless steel, steel, and even aluminum. It is also regarded as a true multi-process welder as it offers TIG and sticks welding options and works well on Flux-Cored MIG and even gas-based welding.

This machine can work on light industrial projects with great ease and is also a comprehensive home-based solution that can tackle any DIY works. It is suitable for all skill levels to be a professional welder who wants to increase productivity or a beginner who has just started welding works.


What’s included in the box?

The welder comes with a Stick Electrode Holder, Ground Clamp, two input cords of 120V and 230V, Ground Clamp, regulator with a gas hose.

Does this unit stick weld?

Yes, the unit has a stick welding capacity that is suitable for outdoor works and thick materials.

What is the maximum thickness of steel that the Lincoln Square Wave 200 can weld?

Lincoln Square Wave 200 can weld up to 3/16″ aluminum and 3/8″ steel.

Is this unit AC and DC, and is it also run 110V?

Lincoln Square Wave 200 provides a smooth and stable AC TIG welding for aluminum. While DC is more suitable for welding works on steel, stainless steel, and chrome-moly. It also has a dual capability of 110 and 220 volts. It has run great on 110 volts even if you don’t have access to 220.

Does this machine come with everything in the picture? 

Yes, the machine comes with everything that is pictured. You just need to have an argon tank and a welding rod.

Can the welder be operated without the use of a foot pedal?

Yes, Lincoln Square Wave 200 does not need a foot pedal for the welding operations.

Is the machine suitable for aluminum boat fabrication?

This machine will work for a thickness of 1/8″ to 1/4″ of aluminum. It is recommended that you use 220V and a proper extension cord if needed.

How much is the shipping weight of this machine?

The weight of this machine is 46 lb, and the box, along with other items, will lead to 70 lb in total.

Review Summary

Lincoln Square Wave 200 is a great machine recommended to anyone working on a small project or who just wishes to learn the welding process. However, in the case of bigger projects, there is a need to use another clamp.

The machine also has a good portability feature on account of less weight, and hence it can be carried anywhere with great ease and comfort. It is a little costly than other machines but is a value for money deal. This welding machine is thus recommended and is sure to last for a long time.

The Alternative

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT is an excellent substitute. As the Lincoln Square Wave, this machine comes with the IGBT Inverter Technology that offers better arc stability and reliable performance. A waveform control feature provides increased flexibility when aluminum is being welded.

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT 110V/220V 210A AC DC TIG Stick Advance Pulse Welder

The presence of an HF arc start design reduces maintenance issues. Like Lincoln Square Wave 200, it has an easy-to-use setup that can be used by a person at any skill level when it comes to welding.

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