Oil Rig Welding Salary

oil rig welding salary

If you’re a skilled worker, you will likely earn the highest salary for this job. Other jobs can provide a substantial amount of money for this sort of job.

Many types of oil rigs are built in various parts of the world. This work is done by skilled welding experts specializing in oil rigs. The salary is based on nationality, state area, region, and other variables.

Welder jobs in oil rigs can provide attractive salary packages. They could pay up to $95000 if you meet the specified criteria for expectations.

Oil Rig Welder Job Description

The main job of an oil welder for a rig is welding the pipelines that are constructed out of steel. The oil rig welder requires lots of knowledge and experience to accomplish any job. It is essential to ensure safety when working. They must ensure that they do not cause additional hazards that can cause serious injuries. When they’ve finished welding, they must conduct a post-weld examination and examine for any imperfections within the process. It is essential to be vigilant when welding since it takes a lot of expertise and knowledge.

Oil Rig Welder Salary Range

Welders on oil rigs require an extensive amount of experience to do their job. It’s not easy to find this kind of job if you’re beginning to the field. Many companies provide a decent quantity of pay packages for the oil rig welding professionals who have at least 2 years of experience working in this area. It’s extremely difficult to obtain over $95000 in an oil rig welding salary since many skilled oil rig welders worldwide earn an impressive amount of money depending on their skills. A majority of businesses require a great deal of experience to complete difficult and intricate welding jobs. The salaries range from $45000 to $95000 for this profession.

Which are the top companies looking for oil rig welders?

  • Halliburton: This is among the most prestigious oil rig welding businesses around the globe. They provide a highly attractive compensation package for oil rig welders. Halliburton is among the top steel companies located close to the Gulf Coast. Over 300,000 welders from across the globe apply to this position every year. The company has been providing great conditions and possibilities to travelers.
  • Schlumberger Limited: The Company is also one of the top oil rig welding companies. It gives high wages and great benefits for its employees depending on the skills and experiences from previous employment. Schlumberger was established in 1928 and is among the biggest profit for oil field services firms worldwide. Schlumberger is located in Paris, France.
  • Baker Hughes: It is an affiliate of the Halliburton Company. It is among the leading oil rig welder firms within the United States, and it also provides equipment, services, and products to over 70 percent worldwide’s drilling rigs and platforms. The company was established in 1951 and is situated in Layton, Utah, United States. There are around 20000 employees employed in 220 offices across all 76 countries globally.

Oil Rig Welder Job Market

The market for oil rig welders is extremely competitive. There are numerous oil rig welding companies in this area. But, the need for skilled oil rig welding professionals is growing day by day. Since the global economy is facing many difficulties and the need for skilled welders is growing. The salaries provided by oil rig firms are increasing each day. They are providing the most lucrative welding packages for oil rigs to professionals. If you’ve got a high education, then you could be offered very lucrative salaries in this industry.

The oil rig welding job market is growing rapidly, and employers offer attractive salaries to those with experience. The work environment is dangerous, and if you would like to work in this field, you must be a professional with a wealth of previous experience. Oil rigs are situated all over the globe and require skilled welders to finish their tasks on time. Oil rig companies are searching for applicants from various locations due to the high competition. It’s extremely difficult to find an oil rig welding job when new to the field.


Welder salaries for oil rigs are vital because they could allow you to make a profession from this position. If you can perform the job and experience, you’ll receive good salary packages. The business will provide the most lucrative pay packages for experienced applicants worldwide and is contingent on your skills, experience, and many other aspects. It is essential to ensure you have the skills required for this type of job.

If you’re a newbie in your profession, hiring welding for oil rigs may be difficult because there are plenty of qualified candidates. If you can demonstrate skills or qualifications, you’ll be paid adequate pay from your employer.

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