Best Welding Jackets: Fire-Resistant, Without Feeling Too Heavy Or Hot

The best welding jackets are an item of personal equipment that’s important for protecting your arms and upper body while you’re working, allowing you to deflect sparks and debris from landing on you.

Ideally, the best clothing material for welding should be:

  • Breathable
  • Fire-resistant
  • Soft
  • Worn for extended periods without feeling too heavy or too hot

Because protective equipment like welding jackets can restrict mobility if it becomes too heavy or hot.

Quick Comparison Table


Product Name



1. Revco Black Stallion Hybrid Welding Coat Royal Blue/Brown

  • Leather sleeves for arm protection
  • Neck protection
  • Flame-resistant torso for body protection
  • Extended 30” length for optimal safety
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2. Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

  • Compliant flame-retardant cotton back for optimal airflow
  • Layered front and neck buttons to prevent debris
  • Adjustable cuffs and neck for a better fit
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3. Revco Black Stallion 30WC 30″

  • Satin-lined shoulders and arms for greater comfort
  • Cowhide leather material
  • Adjustable stand-up collar
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4. Black Stallion BSX Flame-Resistant Cotton Welding Jacket

  • Inside pocket and scribe pocket
  • Flame-resistant cotton material
  • Six front snap buttons 
  • Standup collar
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5. Steiner Jacket, Flame-Retardant Cotton, Gray Cowhide Sleeves

  • Large size inside pocket
  • Cowhide leather and cotton materials
  • Snaps with leather reinforcement
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Best Welding Jackets and Coats – Protective Clothing Reviews & Purchasing Guide

When it comes to choosing protecting clothing, especially welding jackets and coats, it’s all about the material. Synthetic materials, such as polyester or polyester blends, should be avoided at all costs as they’re flammable and dangerous. Let’s look at a few options for the best welding jacket.

1. Revco FRB9-30C/BS-L Black Stallion Hybrid Fr and Cowhide Welding Coat

The Revco Black Stallion Hybrid Welding Coat is made with durable leather sleeves and a cotton torso to protect the wearer against a range of dangerous sparks and splatter that may happen while welding.

The jacket is made to last with rugged and breathable materials that offer a high level of protection and quality, strategically with no open pockets, to avoid debris landing and igniting in areas that can’t be seen. 


  • Durable cowhide leather sleeves for arm protection.
  • Stand-up collar for neck protection.
  • Snap front and wrists for comfort.
  • Cotton, flame-resistant torso for body protection.
  • Extended 30” length for optimal safety.
  • Made with breathable, strong materials.
  • Various sizes are available.
  • Lightweight with a comfortable feel.
  • Attractive design and fit.


  • Minimal color options.


2. Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

The Lincoln Electric Heavy-Duty Leather Welding Jacket is designed with a full leather front, side, and sleeves – giving the wearer optimal protection against sparks and spatter while allowing them to feel comfortable and safe while welding.

The back is made of ASTM D6413 (Standard Test Method for Flame Resistance of Textiles) compliant flame-retardant cotton, enabling greater airflow while ensuring it’s not too heavy, hot, or uncomfortable. 


  • Full leather front, sides, and sleeves for protection against sparks and spatter.
  • ASTM D6413 compliant flame-retardant cotton back for optimal airflow.
  • Front buttons and layered collar to prevent debris from landing in the ripples.
  • Adjustable cuffs and neck for a better fit.
  • A large inside pocket for storage as needed.


  • Made with breathable, strong materials.
  • Various sizes are available.
  • Storage via the inside pocket.
  • Long-wearing for years of comfort.
  • Extra length depending on the size chosen.


  • Minimal color options.
  • Heavy-weight.

3. Revco Black Stallion 30WC 30″

The Revco Black Stallion Leather Welding Jacket is a 30” shoulder split cowhide jacket. It is designed to protect while not being too hot or heavy for longer periods. The jacket features an outside pocket, as well as scribe pockets for carrying any tools or necessary equipment while you’re welding. It’s stitched with flame-resistant kevlar, a strong synthetic fiber known for its ability to resist heat.


  • Satin-lined shoulders and arms for greater comfort
  • Cowhide leather material
  • Wrist snaps and waist take-up straps
  • Outside pocket and scribe pockets
  • Adjustable stand-up collar


  • Made with cowhide leather
  • Storage via outside pocket and scribe pockets
  • Huge variety of sizes
  • Long-wearing for years of comfort
  • Great fit in terms of length


  • Minimal color options 
  • Lack of breathable materials

The Black Stallion BSX Welding Jacket is a more modern, innovative option made with 9 oz flame-resistant cotton for an incredibly lightweight feel that prevents unnecessary burns. 

This jacket creates a better fitting, more comfortable level of protection for the wearer. For those who want an attractive yet safe welding jacket, this is a great option that combines the best of both worlds. 


  • Inside pocket and scribe pocket
  • Flame-resistant cotton material
  • Six front snap buttons designed with leather reinforcement
  • Standup collar


  • Lightweight and modern and for optimal comfort
  • Breathable and easy to move in
  • Form-fitting for an attractive appearance
  • Various sizes are available
  • Storage via inside pocket and scribe pockets
  • Extended length coverage for a proper fit


  • Less long-lasting due to the lack of leather
  • Minimal color options

5. Steiner 1240-L 30-Inch Jacket


The Steiner 1240-L 30-Inch Jacket, Weldlite Plus Orange Flame Retardant Cotton is carefully created to ensure the highest possible safety and productivity while welding.

It’s made with cowhide leather to provide durability and comfort while minimizing the risk of burns via spatter, sparks, and debris. The cotton is used to help create a breathable, lightweight feel that’s easy to wear and move around in.


  • Large size inside pocket
  • Cowhide leather and cotton materials
  • Snaps with leather reinforcement
  • Stress points with bar-tacking


  • Storage via large size inside pocket
  • Various sizes are available
  • Protection all the way up to the neck
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty material
  • Close-fitting for the best possible comfort and protection
  • Comfortable to wear in all types of weather


  • Minimal color options

Best Brands for Welding Clothing

Many brands are available for welding clothing – from coats to gloves to aprons and everything in between. Here are some of the best brands available on the market. 

Black Stallion

Black Stallion has been a leader in the market to create high-quality, innovative products that work. They have over 43 years of manufacturing experience, which gives them the expertise needed to create gloves, fire-resistant garments, and other protective gear. 

They specialize in distributing their products throughout the welding, mining, safety, industrial, electrical/utility, and construction markets.

As a leader in the market, Black Stallion believes protection is not just their business; it’s their promise to consumers. They strive to create a unique combination of quality, service, and price to bring real value that makes a difference. 

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric, founded in 1895, specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, plasma/oxyfuel cutting equipment. 

They are committed to providing the highest possible quality welding solutions at a cost-effective price. They’ve been around for more than 100 years, which means they can be trusted to provide innovative, optimally safe products. 

Since the beginning, Lincoln Electric has always invested in growth and innovation. They are passionate about developing and applying their technologies, enabling them to create the best solutions available for consumers.


Steiner has been around since 1975 – providing excellent products while paying attention to ensuring exceptional customer service. 

They value integrity, honesty, and ethics throughout all areas of their business. Steiner brings consumers a range of products from those created via their in-house manufacturing to those chosen from top suppliers worldwide. 

This means they’re able to bring you the best of the best – ensuring top quality at an affordable price. 

They’ve developed a range of successful partnerships by putting their customer’s expectations first and foremost regarding service and delivery. Finally, there is an exceptional customer service team for consumers as needed.

How To Choose The Best Clothing For Welders

Here’s some advice to consider: choosing the right protective welding clothing and safety gear is incredibly important, especially when avoiding serious burns.

Fortunately, there are a few simple considerations to think about before you make a purchase.


The biggest consideration to keep in mind is the material of the protective welding clothing. Ideally, you’ll choose something heavy and thick enough to protect your skin while remaining breathable. Here are some materials to choose from:

  • Full leather: Leather clothing is incredibly resistant and flexible while still heavy and thick enough to offer optimal protection against sparks and debris.
  • Flame-Resistant Cotton: Flame-resistant cotton clothing is more comfortable to wear yet still resistant to fire due to the ability to absorb moisture and feel lightweight.
  • Hybrid (Flame-Resistant Cotton and Leather): Hybrid clothing gives you the best of both worlds with the thick, heavy-duty nature of leather often used on the arms and torso while the back is breathable cotton.
  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber clothing gives you a durable, long-lasting, breathable material yet safe against sparks and debris. The clothing will hold up and keep its shape for years to come.
  • Kevlar: Kevlar, a synthetic fiber, is used to create high levels of durability and strength while still being breathable enough that it doesn’t get overly hot or heavy.


Those who have been welding for a long time know comfort is of the utmost importance next to safety. It’s vital to make sure your welding clothing and safety gear does the job in terms of keeping you protected, but it’s also important to ensure you’re comfortable enough to move around and get the job done. A hybrid material is great for ensuring comfort without sacrificing protection. You’re able to rest assured knowing your arms and torso are safe, while flame-resistant cotton gives you breathability and lessens the weight of the clothing item.


Purchasing welding clothing and safety gear is an investment that should last for years to come. Keep durability in mind when purchasing your welding clothing and safety gear. Choose a material that will withstand wear, pressure, and damage. Kevlar or leather are both great for durability.

Extended Collars

Many welding jackets and coats come with extended collars to protect the neck against sparks and debris. This is a great feature that you should take advantage of whenever possible.

Snap Buttons

This is an overlooked feature, but you’re using thick welding gloves that can make it difficult to remove your jacket when you’re welding. Snap buttons will simplify the process and help you stay as productive as possible.

Working Environment

It’s vital to consider your working environment before making a purchase. Think about the average temperature of your location and your specific workshop. You don’t want to wear something very heavy-duty and hot if you’re working in a warm environment. Choose hybrid or carbon fiber options if you’re working in a warm environment or leather options if you’re working in a cold environment.

Other Essentials to Protect Yourself

A jacket isn’t enough to keep you safe when you’re welding. You need various other essentials to ensure optimal protection against sparks and debris. Here are some essentials to add to your collection:

  • Gloves: Protect against extreme heat, electrical shock, ultraviolet/infrared radiation while providing better grip.
  • Long trouser legs: Safeguard against sparks and debris while ensuring flame resistance.
  • Welding apron: Slip over your work clothes to ensure an additional layer of protection that could prevent serious injury.
  • Boots: Keep your feet safe from corrosive or toxic materials on the floor while ensuring minimal impact in the event of heavy falling objects.
  • Helmets: Protect your head against sparks and debris while ensuring you’re safe in the event of a fall.
  • Welder’s goggles: Wear to ensure eye protection against heat, optical radiation, and other risks.
  • Respirators: Breath easy with proper airflow and protection against fumes and dangerous particles found in the air.


Questions to Ask Before Making a Purchase


As mentioned, purchasing welding clothes and safety gear is an investment that should last. Here are a few important questions to clarify before choosing and purchasing an item. 

Are welding jackets machine washable?

Most welding jackets require hand-washing. You simply moisten a rag, place a few drops of soap on the rag, and gently scrub the jacket. Hang to dry and repeat as necessary. 

How do you clean a leather welding jacket?

Follow the instructions above: wipe down with a damp, soapy rag. Make sure to condition afterward. Use a leave-on leather conditioner to make your jacket comfortable and keep it from becoming stiff upon cleaning. 

How long will my welding jacket last? Most welding jackets will last approximately 3-5 years with regular wear (2-3 times per week). If you are welding every day, your welding jacket may take only 2-3 years.

Conclusion & Best Offer

Let’s find out now, based on gathered information, what’s the best welding jacket?

Best Offer

""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>The Revco Black Stallion Welding Coat is the top choice due to its exceptional quality and the hybrid nature of the jacket. You’re able to protect yourself with durable leather sleeves yet still enjoy a lightweight feel thanks to the cotton torso. Black Stallion is a highly trusted brand with remarkably reliable products.

The Alternative

As an alternative, the Steiner 1240-L 30 Inch Jacket, Weldlite Plus Orange Flame-Retardant Cotton is another great option. It’s made with cowhide leather and cotton, giving you a breathable, lightweight feel that still ensures you’re safe.

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