Best Plasma Cutter for the Money – Only Used for Conductive Metals

best plasma cutter for the money

Are you searching for the best plasma cutter for the money? Do you want a cutter that allows you to cut materials seamlessly without stress?

If you are, then you are in luck because this review will bring to light some of the top picks.

The cutters selected and reviewed in this post are very efficient, easy to use, and cost-effective. We also went the extra length to provide you with their pros and cons. So please take your time to review our best plasma cutter for the money.

What Are Plasma Cutters?

Plasma cutters are devices that utilize really hot gas which is always referred to as plasma which is meant to transfer energy on a metallic surface and thus to lead to metal cutting.

What Metals Can Hot Plasma Cut?

The plasma cutting process can cut the metals with a jet of high-pressure gas, in turn, crossed by a voltaic arc. So that means that plasma cutting is only used for conductive metals and alloys, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, etc.

Plasma Cutter and Air Compressor Requirements

A standard air compressor is required to operate a plasma cutter, which will act as the air supply that allows you to create the electric or plasma arc.

Compressed air is used to force out the mixed gases through the torch of the plasma cutter. This ensures a safe and very clean cut as hot gases are ignited and projected with high pressure.

To bring out the best results, ensure that you properly use the device and operate it on behalf of the instructions given by the manufacturers.

Best Plasma Cutter for the Money: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. YESWELDER Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage


YESWELDER is one of the best plasma cutters for the money. This cutting machine is a plasma cutter per excellence because it features a special dual voltage design to cut materials with speed and precision.

The energy of YESWELDER’ iron arc is one of the best we’ve seen of late. While other cutters will leave dents and rough edges on your metals, this cutter will do a solid job. It delivers precision cuts with near-perfect detail.

YESWELDER will neither deform your materials nor leave slags. What’s more? When you stop cutting, it releases airflow to cool down the torch to prevent overheating. This feature alone is one of the reasons why this cutter is highly rated by professional welders and hobbyists.

No matter how long you use it, it will deliver the same quality burn all through. In addition, the constant airflow ensures that the lifespan of the cutter is extended by a few more years

If you must buy a plasma cutter, we recommend YESWELDER because it is constructed with durable materials and will serve you well for many years to come. For the price at which it is sold, what you get is value and nothing less.

Features & Specifications

  • High-frequency 45DS cutter
  • IGBT inverter
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Runs on 220V 50/60 HZ horsepower


  • Delivers precision cuts
  • Extended lifespan guaranteed
  • Easy to ignite
  • Great with thicker materials


  • You need to be very careful when cutting thin metals to avoid burn-through
  • Experienced professionals may consider its output to be basic

2. Klutch P12AFi Inverter-Powered Plasma Cutter – 120V/12A


This is a lightweight plasma cutting machine made in the USA, available at a relatively low price. But it is a powerful device with three electrodes as well as three nozzles, ad it gives out the most desired results. It is equipped with a long torch, and there is an underground cable to improve performance.

This cutter also includes a built-in internal air compressor, so you don’t need to buy one separately. Simply plug it in, pick up the torch, and whit its featured Touch Start System you are ready to cut.

The Klutch P12AFi Plasma Cutter device becomes easy to use once you acquire the required and necessary skills, it falls within the budget and is most effective for use. It brings out the best results and ensures clean cutting.


The following are the main features displayed by the Klutch inverter:

  • Touch Start System with pilot arc
  • It has a wide 20A-60A which enables amp adjustments
  • The internal inverter power system is efficient and lightweight
  • It does clean-cutting mild steel up to 1/8 inch.


  • Super lightweight, 37.4 lb, thus making it portable
  • Status indicator lights to make sure that the unit is operating properly
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It can be used to cut a wide variety of metallic items
  • It has been equipped with fire prevention devices thus making it safe to use


  • For beginners, it is not easy to operate. You will need some training on how to handle the devices.

3. Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter


Forney Easy Weld 251 Plasma Cutter is the ultimate cutting tool for professionals. This is one of the best plasma cutters for the money that handles heavy-duty metals.

Weighing just 21.5 lbs, you will be amazed at the efficiency of this machine despite its size and weight.

Forney uses a Drag Torch technology, so as you are cutting through your sheets, rather than raise and drop the torch, you can simply place the tip on the sheet and drag it along as you work your way through.

Running on a standard 120V, this Plasma cutter will not raise your energy bills sky high due to its low power consumption. Furthermore, you can also use it on a generator if your electricity source runs out.

Another feature that makes it a must-have for professional welders is because it can be used to cut different types of materials like aluminum, mild and stainless steel, including galvanized steel.  It is also great equipment for those who work at farms, metal art creators, and other DIY projects

Forney is easy to use and works well on thin sheets as it does on thick ones. It is definitely a plasma cutter we highly recommend.

Features and Specifications

  • 120V power
  • 1.5 CFM Compressed Air
  • Built-in air regulator and dryer
  • Runs on a 20A-15A Power adapter


  • The best plasma cutter for professional
  • Easy regulator
  • Portable and lightweight
  • The drag torch technology is top-notch


  • Beginners may find it too complex
  • Required maximum attention to avoid burn-through

4. Forney 302 115V 20A 325P Plasma Cutter


The Forney 302 plasma cutter is ideal for cutting sheet metal, automotive works, and plumbing. Among the accessories included, 15 ft power cord, ground cable, and torch lead. It is a great 50% duty cycle in addition to a high cutting capacity.


  • It has a torch for lighting the working place
  • It runs 120v of household power
  • Rated output range from 10 A to 201A
  • It has a weight of 30lbs
  • 3 LED lights status indicator
  • Generator friendly


  • All leads are long enough to work within almost any location
  • Cuts with speed
  • No preheating
  • Portable
  • High performance despite its small size


  • Pretty heavy

5. Tosenba Plasma Cutter LGK-100 100Amp 380V

Because of its high power, this 100 amp plasma cutter has the most outstanding performance. It allows to work on high-thickness metals with simple operation and obtain a smooth and uniform cutting surface. Maximum cutting can be easily done at a very high speed.

Suitable for cutting carbon steel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel it provides safety during operation since the electronic circuit has been installed to prevent overcurrent.

The cutter has a nominal duty cycle of 100%, which means that the machine can operate continuously without interruptions.

The Non-touch Pilot ARC torch effectively cuts painted surfaces, even if rough and rusty. Non-touch technology allows you to operate without touching the metal surface.


  • It is a 100A plasma cutter
  • Non-touch pilot arc
  • Screen display LED
  • Overvoltage and low-voltage are managed
  • Made for better performance
  • Easy to use


  • Duty cycle: 100%
  • Fast
  • Provide high-quality cutting
  • It is safe


  • It is heavy but has wheels.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Plasma Cutter

what should i be looking for when buying a plasma cutter

This section will introduce the major factors that should be considered when buying the plasma cutter that best suits your needs.

You might need to know the following:

  • How regularly will you be sung the plasma cutter
  • Whether you are to cut thick metals
  • If the electric current fluctuates
  • If you can adapt the power outlet of the plasma cutter
  • If you have a generator that you can use with the plasma cutter.

Check if the plasma cutter matches your work. The plasma cutter that you will choose will depend on the type of work that you have.

1. The output power

This will let you know what the plasma cutter can work on perfectly.

2. The speed of the cutting machine

When a plasma cutter works very fast you will be able to do a lot of work within a short time and thus you will be reducing time waste during your operation.

3. The duty cycle of the plasma cutter

This is when the plasma cutter can work continuously without any stoppage.

Using a machine that works beyond its duty cycle will make it overheat and thus reduce the efficiency during the cutting process.

We must be careful because some models might be damaged by the excess heat generated.


Are plasma-cutting fumes dangerous? 

It depends on the metals. For example, do not cut the lead with plasma because of the dangerous vapor.

Can you cut aluminum with a plasma cutter?

Plasma cutting can be done on any metal ranging from mild steel, copper, and even aluminum. It is not dependent on Oxidation and thus it can cut aluminum well.

What is plasma dust?

They are formed from the grain plasma. They are made up of 10 mm to 10 nm of plasma particles.

What about the thickness of the metal to be cut?

You should think about what metal thickness you’ll usually be cutting on it. The thicker the metal the higher the amperage.

What minimum and maximum severance and cutting ranges should I go for?

An ideal cutter should have at least a 1/3 cut range and a severance range of 2/5.

What is the required cooling time to ensure the plasma torch doesn’t overheat?

When the plasma torch overheats you will have to wait for it to cool, even up to an hour, depending on the outside temperature. It will cost you time.

Conclusion and Best Offer

When shopping for the best plasma cutter for the money, we advise you to consider your needs and project requirements before you buy any.

You need a device that will last you for years before the need arises to seek a replacement.

The last thing you want is to buy equipment that will either fall apart after a few months or burn through your metal sheets often. This is why we advise our readers to take their time when making their selections.

All the five cutters reviewed thus far are very efficient and will offer you value for money. However, the Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P is the recommended plasma cutter.

Forney is the best of the lot for professionals looking for a cutter they can trust to do heavy-duty work. This cutter will cut through thick and light materials without leaving rough edges or dents in the metal.

Even if you are not a professional but handle many DIY projects, you will find Forney to be quite useful.

The settings are quite easy to understand and come with useful accessories that will make your experience worthwhile.

Most importantly, it does not release hazardous air that will put you and everyone nearby at risk. Furthermore, the air release extends its shelf life and prevents overheating.

Best Offer

Even if you are not a professional but handle many DIY projects, you will find Forney 251 quite useful.

The settings are quite easy to understand and come with useful accessories that will make your experience worthwhile.

Most importantly, it does not release hazardous air that will put you and everyone nearby at risk. Furthermore, the air release extends its shelf life and prevents overheating.

The Alternative

Besides Forney, another alternative you may want to try is the YESWELDER PLASMA Dual Voltage Cutter.

It has an extended voltage range (110V-240V), just like Forney.

With YESWELDER, you can deliver precision cuts. In addition, it works well for a wide range of applications, from professional projects to DIY projects.

The heat output is consistent, and no slags are involved with working with the equipment. So as you work with it, the metal deformity common with plasma cutters that flare is avoided with YESWELDER.

And most importantly, the price is another huge draw for many. The price represents a steal for a cutter that delivers so much value.

While all cutters in this review were specially selected for their performance, these two are the ones we consider heads and shoulders above the rest.

Forney is the best of the five, while YESWELDER is a suitable alternative. Feel free to go for any five, but make sure your choice is ideal for your projects.

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